Vegan in Seoul ?!

A lot of people are making fun of vegans. What most people don’t know is the health benefit you can get from a plant based nutrition. Now I’m not a vegan nor do I eat plant based food a lot, but my girlfriend is and does. To be honest a lot of dishes are quite really delicious. I don’t want to talk about the advantages, some ethical points and of course I don’t want to change your mind on that. Just the food, you and me 🙂 A proper opinion and review.

In Seoul you can find a lot of vegan restaurants, but we didn’t want to visit those fancy or westernized food places. We searched for something like temple food and plant based korean snacks or dishes. After we had looked up in the internet ( and read a few reviews about that spot in Insadong with a vegan buffet, we tried this out. The name is „Han Gwa Chae“ and it is located in a small alley. It was very hard to find it. Here is the address: 30 – 9 Guan Hoon Dong, Jong Ro gu, Insadong, Seoul, South Korea. Their opening hours are from Mon-Sat 11:30am – 3:00pm and 5:00pm – 8:30pm.


The concept of this restaurant is simple as genius. Preparing korean temple food with ingredients from small local farms. So it is a buffet style type of food place (self service) and costs about 10 Euros/Dollars (13ooo Won) each. They serve you freshly cooked dishes, organic tea and fruits. The menu depends on the season.


So they will give you as an appetizer some tea, riceporridge with sesame and a soup when you arrive. Take a plate and put everything you want on it. Try all dishes and enjoy every single bite. The food there is very clean, light and well seasoned. The combination of all ingredients plays very well. Different homemade sauces to choose too. You will find stir fried noodles, potatoes, steamed vegetables and fruits. If you want some more just stand up and go get it and do not forget those amazing pickled side dishes.


I really like this restaurant. Everything is made from the scratch to a fully tasty dish. You can literally taste the freshness and once you’ve started to eat, you will grave for more. The price is very cheap for a place like this with such high quality products. I think in Germany you would pay easily twice or more. The people there are very friendly. Do not waste any food and clean up your plate. All in all, vegan or plant based food doesn’t hurt you and can be really delicious. I mean, it needn’t to be meat all the time right ?! Give it a shot and try this kind of food 🙂

Check out my full plate 😀


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