Insadong – place to be for artists

Insadong, a small district in Seoul with a lot of modern and traditional galleries. Tea shops, coffe houses and restaurants with traditional cuisine everywhere. The vibe is different. It feels like somebody turns back the time.

How to get there:
Jonggak Station (Line 1) or Anguk Station (Line 3)

Now things to do in Insadong. Rent some traditional clothes and walk around the streets. Look out for some galleries and appreciate the art. Drink some tea with korean snacks like rice cakes. Try traditional cuisine with tons of side dishes or street food. Buy some souvenirs at some small shops.


Visit the „Ssamzigil“, a big shopping complex with spiral staircases. Those stores sell items ranging from accessories, art to fashion and food. There are some artists painting or sketching a picture of yourself for a few euros. On the first floor you will see performances and exhibitions. The ceiling is held wide open and on the rooftop there is a garden to enjoy. Couples will have the opportunity to put some „love locks/plates“ on the wall or print/burn a photo on wooden plates.


All in all I really love Insadong. It is amazing how a metropolis like Seoul has its own traditional district which they care about and won’t change. If the big city jungle is too much, you can take some time off in Insadong. Even there are a lot of people walking around and it seems to be busy and chaotic, there is always a petite spot to sit back and relax.

On this picture you can see the roof garden with those love locks/plates. An unforgetable memory for couples. Hope you enjoy this article about Insadong – Seoul



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