Finally in Seoul

Feeling tired after 10 hours flight, transfering for 2 hours and a connection flight with 2 hours is normal. Actually our first stop was Incheon International Airport (ICN). Took a while to pass the immigration and korean customs. Everything felt different. The „heavy“ air, the hot and humid weather, the mass of human beings around, kinda pressed the lungs down – kinda felt weird. It will take a few moments to cool down and realize we are at the other end of the world. Couldn’t read, couldn’t talk and couldn’t understand, but interested in the people, culture and food. This is what an adventure is about 🙂

Ok first head to a money exchange booth. Just exchange enough money to get to Seoul, because the rate usually is very bad at airports. So now we have different options – bus, taxi or rail ?! I highly recommend the AREX, an express train direct and non stop to the capital of South Korea. Only costed us 8000 Won each, about 6,40€ per person. Very cheap and affordable compared to prices in Europe.

Next stop Seoul Station 😀
So as you can see, the featured picture I took, was at Seoul Station. It was so rainy that day. Now move on and buy a „T-Money card“ at any convenient store (CU, GS24 or 7eleven) and charge it with 10000 Won. It is a public transportation card, which can be used to pay for the subway,bus and taxi. Always check in and out with that ticket and get some discounts, otherwise it will charge you more the next time.

Now look for the information center and get a subway map of Seoul. Check out the route to your accommodation. Sometimes it is better to take the taxi. It’s very cheap in korea!!! I mean in Germany I pay about 15 – 20€ just for a 4-5 km or 10-12min ride and in korea the same fare costs about 6000-10000 Won (4,80€ – 8,00€) depending on the traffic !!! Arrived at the hotel just take a nice nap and relax.

To be honest with you guys, we were really really tired. Couldn’t sleep that much on the airplane and our stopover at Beijing Capital Airport with a tranfering time of 2 hours was horrible. Stressed out with everything and only wanted to arrive at the hotel. Hope you are enjoying all my articles 🙂

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