Time during the flight

Okay so I’ve booked tickets for Air China, economy class. Heared and read a lot about that airline. Unfortunately those reviews are often very bad. They talked about delayed flights, unfriendly cabin crew and an uncomfortable flight. Even the IFE (In flight entertainment) and airplane food should be really bad. How can a star alliance member got so much negative ratings ?! To be honest I thought about cancelling the reservation. The only reason why I didn’t do that is the unbeatable price. So I didn’t expect much.

Boarding time – we (my girlfriend and me) got on the airplane. It was an old airbus 330-300. Kinda clean with an oldly smell. You won’t have much space for your legs. Maybe because the main customers are chinese people. They tend to be a little smaller than europeans or people who grew up outside asia. Fortunately we got a 2 seats row. The airplane departed on time and after a few minutes we got our first drinks. I recommend not drinking alcohol during the flight, it will dry your body out and you feel kinda weird afterwards.

So what are you going to do during the flight ?! Check out the IFE, you can play games, watching movies or series and listening to music. Follow via the IFE the flight route. Look into the duty free on board magazine, even when you won’t buy anything. Read a book or just talk with you girlfriend about silly stuff 🙂 . Maybe you should try to sleep a little bit. Just wear some ear plugs and ask for an additional pillow and blanket because it could get really cold up there. Sometimes you should just walk around to get your blood circulation right.

I was really surprised how nice and kind the cabin crew was. They tried their best to make the flight as comfortable as it could be. The only negative thing was the airplane food. 😦 It really didn’t taste good.

All in all it was a very good experience with Air China and you shouldn’t trust all the reviews on the internet. I’m sure there are a few bad flights and experiences but if you don’t expect much nothing will happen to disappoint you.

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