Preparations – apps and carry-on bag

Now there are plenty of free apps like „checkymytrip“ to check your flight, „seatguru“ to see where the best seats are, and „tripadvisor“, a website and app in which travelers from all over the world recommend you attractions, restaurants or sights. You should download a few on your smartphone and check them out. All of those applications are available for iOS and android.

Ok here we are, everything you have to prepare now is the carry-on bag. Packing your carry-on bag, always depends on how long the flight will be or how much kilogramms are allowed to take with you. But there are a few essentials which I have always be with me. I divide the rucksack in smaller packs and bags, so for the check in and security check I never have to take all the small things out, just those bags opened. Saves you some time and nerves 🙂

The „camera bag“. A light and good protection for my Sony alpha 6000, of course with some extra batteries and SD cards. Love taking pictures 🙂

The „cable and charger bag“. In this bag I always put things in like chargers for my ipad/iphone, a tripod and stick, some micro usb cables, an USB hub/charger, an international power plug and an external battery/charger for extra lifetime for your devices 🙂

The „toiletry kit“. So if you have read my last blog about how to pack your suitcase, I mentioned to buy some „travel size“ products twice. You have to be carefull about the restrictions on how much you are allowed to take on board! But usually liquids and so on are limited to 100ml in an transparent plastic bag or bottle. I always pack some wet sheets, small deodorant, lip balm, handkerchiefs, ear plugs, sanitizer, a toothbrush and toothpaste in this bag.

At the end, if you have some space and weight left, just take whatever you want with you. Maybe a tablet, a book to read or things which are going to entertain you during the flight. DO NOT forget your passport, credit card or money and of course a copy of all your documents…just in case you know 🙂

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