Business principles

This article right now is about MY business principles and how you can be successfull following your own ideas and concept. I’ve mentioned on my other article „studying and being a CEO“  why and how I have opened or started a delivery service.

1. Money is NOT everything
In my opinion it is not the right way thinking about how to get a lot of sales or profit. Yes it is right, you need money to survive and build your business but it shouldn’t be your highest priority. If you work hard you will automatically earn much and if you don’t then you won’t, right ?!

2. Quality stands over quantity
It is better to create a product with high quality and reasonable prices than a lot of things to sell it cheap just to get customers who can afford it. Don’t hide the quality and of course your product will naturally build your image and brand. Selling low grade products will always be remembered as a low brand, but if you sell some high grade goods the people will recognize it and the value of the company is high, even before the grand opening. Look for business partners and suppliers. Don’t forget to compare them.

3. Capable employees
You need capable employees with the passion and motivation to work for you. Every human being has their own abilities, so take your time and analyze it. Some are good at driving, others are good at selling. Keep an eye on your employees and change the postions according to their skills. They will be thankfull if you show them their strenghts.

4. Working atmosphere
I would rather work for less money and nice colleagues than for a lot of money with shit fellows. This is a very important point because it could affect your profit. You have to bring a very good chemistry between the employees. If two people hate each other within the team, the hate is going to spread like poison and keep the motivation and work effort low.

5. Motivation
With the right motivation you can move mountains. You should motivate your team. The attitude as a boss and owner is to push the employees to their limits. You have to be the leader who understands their problems and difficulties. Arrange a team meeting every week and talk about all the stuff, even personal things, if they want to. Listen to them and share your experiences on how they can be better and of course you can learn from them a lot too. If you do it right they will trust you, follow you and seeing your business as their own. Don’t be a boss who everyone hates, try to be their friend and helper. Sometimes you should invite them to eat something or buying some little gifts for their good work.

6. Be active
Ok for me it is important to work with my team. Even on positions which I don’t like. Sometimes I’m delivering the goods myself or cleaning the floor and bathroom. Those actions shows your employees, you are not afraid of working hard and you don’t care about what kind of work you do. You gotta do what everybody’s gotta do, don’t be scared. At the end it is your business and you have to keep it nice and clean 🙂  This will effect your team positively.

7. Connecting ideas
You are the boss, you have your own concept and ideas. Yap, but more brains are better than just one brain right ?! Listen to the ideas and concepts of your team. Some will be good and you can interact or connect them with your own. Develop an even better project or product and let them be part of it. You and your team will be proud of it 🙂

8. Marketing
One of the most important point here. My slogan is: thinking global, dealing local. Doesn’t matter what you are doing, just think big like you are going to sell it worldwide, even if your are just staying at your area. Nowadays you can promote on facebook and the internet. Print some flyers and get them to the people. You have to be topic number one, everybody should talk about your brand. Maybe holding a small event to get some attention. Sponsoring local soccer teams or magazines or donate money for charity. Call some journalists to write about the company. Create a website with an image movie. Getting the people out there ready for you !!! 🙂

9. Evolving and motivating yourself
Yap, I know it is difficult but you have to learn a lot. Working on soft skills, reading some books and teach yourself to be better. It is a process. You will gain knowledge and a set of skills. Don’t force it, do it with passion and heart. Do not give up!!! If you fall, just stand up and keep going. Sometimes changing ways is acceptable. Every successfull person went through a very hard and maybe cruel path. That’s why they are who they are today. Believe in yourself and have fun. Never forget who you are, where you are from and why you are doing all this. See yourself as a raw diamond, with every good or bad experience, you are getting more and more cuted and polished.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about my business principles. 🙂 Feel free to comment. I will appreciate any help from you all 🙂




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